Up so close

Up so close feat. Brian Jackson (original 1966 vibe mix)

Patrina Morris bringing a romantic summer dance feeling this time …
This month she releases an upbeat single “up so close” the original 1966 vibe mix feat. Brian Jackson.
Brazil meets a touch of Ibiza in this duet.
Recorded in home studios, Brooklyn, Portugal, London and Brazil come together for the first time.

Patrina … we made this in an “old skool” way, before I had even met Brian in person and never released the original version, only an Ibiza remix.
This is the original song which was a work in progress across the seas adding Jon Klein and Octavio Pimento da Sousa to the equation. I love the rawness and simplicity of the track.
It was a starting point for us all as both musicians and friends, and it was a great honour to perform with a legend … Mr. Brian Jackson!

Release date August 9th 2022